I no longer offer individual or relationship counseling. For those seeking individual or relationship counseling,
please check out the practitioner directories on my resources page for identifying other practitioner options.

I strive to provide culturally-affirming counseling and welcome clients from all walks of life – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, affectional orientation, religion, physical ability, and body size.

Group Counseling

I lead interpersonal process groups for adults interested in exploring who they are in relationship to others, experimenting with new ways of engaging that are both authentic and relationally healing, and strengthening their felt sense of connection and belonging. 

Though process groups rely on a foundation of mutual support, process groups are distinct from support groups in that each session is unstructured and without a focus on any particular topic. Instead, the primary focus is on attending to and reflecting upon the interactions and relationships between group members. 

In unstructured process groups, members tend to interact in ways that resemble their interpersonal life outside of the group.  Members then have a unique opportunity within the group to identify, understand, and change their interpersonal patterns – and ultimately incorporate these changes into their everyday life.  Process groups also present opportunities for vicarious learning as members see aspects of themselves in others. 

These learnings are most possible in a group atmosphere of safety and respect, bounded by mutual agreements. See this infographic for my suggestions for getting the most of an interpersonal process group.  You can also check out the interviews I conducted with Carlos Canales and Ali Kimmell about the unique benefits of group work.

I currently have two online interpersonal process groups.  You can view a flier for these groups here.  Both groups are currently full, but feel free to contact me to let me know about your interest.  I keep a small waiting list for prospective group counseling clients.  

Group 1: every other Monday, 6:00-7:30 PM  (active group, full)
Group 2: every other Thursday, 6:00-7:30 PM (active group, full)