I no longer offer individual or relationship counseling. For those seeking individual or relationship counseling,
please check out the practitioner directories on my resources page for identifying other practitioner options.

Whether you’re experiencing the painfulness of longstanding aloneness or the aftereffects of a traumatic event, you have a rich store of resources still intact.

Individual counseling can help you feel more available for and responsive within a variety of relationships and situations, more relaxed and at ease, and more confident about your range of choices in everyday life.

We’re all prone to getting caught up in repetitive disagreements and misunderstandings with those we care about most.

Relationship counseling can help you better understand each other’s reactions, deal effectively with relationship distress, and experience more satisfying connection.

Our sense of self is intimately connected to the influences of our broader environment. Among the most powerful of these are our interpersonal relationships.

Group counseling offers ongoing opportunities to study the impressions you make on others and others make on you, and experiment with ways of engaging that authentic and relationally healing.