Unity assumes that we are integrated wholes, composed of parts.  In therapy, each aspect of your experience is embraced as a reflection of this wholeness and brought into connection and harmony with other parts.  Unity also shows up in therapy through the resonance that grows between you and me over time.


Organicity refers to the process of self-organization and the natural intelligence of life. I will support your unfolding and pursuing your own direction, without trying to take control. This principle asserts respect for life and faith in the healing power of the individual.

Mind-Body Integration

Mind-Body Integration affirms that mind and body influence and interact with one another, that they are in fact one system.  We explore these interactions to help foster your awareness of how core material is expressing itself in your life and how, once contacted, it can be processed, updated, and transformed.


Presence with our moment-to-moment experiences; an exploratory, nonjudgmental, but intentional state of consciousness, which through practice allows us to move beyond habitual thoughts and actions towards greater internal freedom and security.


Nonviolence promotes safe, nonforceful, and cooperative exploration of experience, including that which manifests as resistance. Rather than trying to confront or overpower these experiences, they’re respected and supported so that you can explore them more completely.