Individuals, Couples, and Group Counseling

Whether you’re experiencing the aftereffects of a traumatic event, the frustration of relational conflict, or the fatigue brought on by everyday stressors, you have a rich store of resources intact.

Individual therapy can help you reengage with your capacity to heal and discover the life that best expresses your unique gifts.

Couples often lose track of their roles in the balancing act of being together. You may find yourselves abandoning  personal limits or entangled in situations that seem beyond your control.

Couples therapy can help you and your partner trust yourselves to handle each other’s reactions and see conflict as based on a devotion to loving fully.

Our sense of self is intimately connected to the constant influences of our broader environment. Among the most powerful of these are our interpersonal relationships.

Group therapy offers focused opportunities to study the nuances of how you show up in these relationships and experiment with ways of interacting that align with who you really want to be.

I bring together relational, experiential, and body-centered therapies to help you move towards deeper levels of awareness and change.

Acceptance and Responsiveness

Though our earliest exchanges provide the blueprint for our ways of being with others throughout our lives, these conditions can help you work through those that were most difficult and begin creating more gratifying relationships.

Attending to the Present Moment

Moving with and allowing for whatever arises for you in each moment broadens your capacity to disidentify with difficult emotional states. I intervene minimally, trusting that this process will lead you exactly where you need to go.

A Focus on Felt Experience

We reference the body as a primary tool for loosening the grip of habitual tensions and for connecting with your whole self.  Breathing, posture, and somatic impulses are all recognized as important and brought into conscious awareness.